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South.Park.S09E12.DSR.XviD-XOR Scientology episode
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2006-03-20 14:58:21 GMT
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This is the episode that Comedy Central wont show anymore since the bloody church of scientology threaten to sue them. Well I guess its up to us then. Spread it!Recommended media player: //


Tom Cruise threatens to sue anyone who says something bad about him (this one is one of many), and he's got the money to back it up. He must be insecure or something. Surely with all the stunts he has been doing lately he is losing power, fans and professional clout though. I shall relish his fall, for he symbolises all that is bad about celebrities, which is a lot.
cheers man been wanting to see this for ages
"Just like those who believe in that guy named jesus."

Heh yea, well, anyone who takes any form of religion too far really.
killawife..your an ignorant bastard. hell is made up especially for people like you. If u think your just going to sin all your life then die like a leaf on tree you got another thing comin. Your life cant possibly be going good. there is certainly some sort of mess going on in it....and i think you know that!Jesus loves even the blind one. you obviously heard of him and he is always in the back of your mind he will never leave you. But upon his return you will cry out to him and he will reply," I dont know You". better start to change your mind and read Reavelations!
you to aeerto!!!!
THIS is the torrent I most gonna seed in my life. Scientology sucks!!!!

With every passing day they're behaving more and more like a mafia. They remind me of the Inquisition. I guess they taking lessons of the biggest bully in history. Let's enjoy this episode! Thanks Toba!!!!

Wow! You are type of idiot that they were talking about. There are quite a number of religions in the world and only a percentage are Christian. Yet you, and many other moron Christians, have the hubris to tell there rest of the world how to think. If you think you are right, then fine, but you should practice what you preach and allow some tolerance of others viewpoints (unless you have failed to read the bible you thump you should know this already). You are probably one of those brain-dead losers that feel that killing an abortion doctor is more OK than the doctor killing the babies. It?s the same. Maybe look in the mirror prior to opening your mouth and showing us all the stupidity that is you.
you can view it online on the official website

scroll down until episode 912 "Trapped in the closet"

before saying how bad scientology is, watch "Shame on You Britain" by VictimlessCriminal

Don't get me wrong, its not like I defend this nonsense, I'm an atheist.
Scientology is a CULT.
Learn about the insanity.
Chef (Isaac Hayes) is rotting in his grave by now. (Or was he cremated ? or whatever the fuck scientologists do when they die.)

Scientology is almost as bad as Christianity.

Hail Satan Motherfuckers!
Scientology is a best RELIGION ever!!!!!!!!! Hands of scientology, asssuckers!!!! :D
Thank you Jebus
This episode still airs on Com. Centrl. - Wiki.."The episode has since been rebroadcast on Comedy Central multiple times, and the episode is available on the Comedy Central website." - //

Great Torrent, though! Thanks!
I've got a question I would like to get answered by someone christian :) Why would there be a god? nothing exept for an old book proves this, do you "Believe" in harry potter too? I just don't get it actually.. But on the other hand, I don't know anyone stupid enough to actually be religious.. spoke with a priest the other day and he said he considered himself a social worker and didn't actually believe in god either ^^ sweden ftw :p
i will forever seed this!
@ Addemanns et al.

i can't speak for all Christians, nor will i try, i can only speak on my own behalf. one of the reasons i choose to believe in God is that miracles do happen. i read in a(n Australian) paper recently about the prospect of doing clinical trial type study of healing miracles. the idea, of course, is preposterous; how do you have a placebo prayer or God? People try to debunk miracles, saying that there was some other factor involved, or some such. But in my understanding, praying for a miracle is THE method of (absolute) last resort. if you have cancer and it is malignant, inoperable and unresponsive to other treatment (maybe it's too late, and maybe it's not, but) thats the time to start praying. For me, applying Ockham's Razor (the simplest explanation tends to be the right one - Jodie Foster, Contact) to such a situation results in the conclusion that a miracle has been performed; because its easier to believe than "an aggressive tumor has, without any other change to circumstances, decided to give up the ghost", or "Yeah, you've suffered enough, i'll just crawl away and die now". Cancers don't do these things. and on that point, i've never heard of a malignant tumor remitting, without external intervention i.e. prayer, medicinal, dietetic or otherwise; it just doesn't happen.

RE: sevenarmy - this guy/gal is not the bible basher you call him/her, just a genuine Christian, doing his bit and carrying his Cross. its what we're all supposed to do, and s/he is all the more noble for it. s/he has also been accused of hatred and intolerance, not so, most of what was said is in the bible and passing it on is something of an obligation. I will admit, it is better to pass on "the good news" as we call it, to those who seek it, but condemnation they will not experience. if a Chrisitian is killed for what s/he believes, the gates of Heaven shall be opened for them, as I'm pretty sure there is no greater sacrifice.

and to all who would call myself and others like me a wacko or whatever; take note of all the recent and quite major, seismic activity around the world recently; repent now, for after the Rapture, you'll be much too late.

Realised i left out some questions... I'm sorry, i don't know the book to which you refer. if it's the bible you're talking about, it proves nothing, for to prove the existence of God is to destroy faith, something that you don't seem to have and pity you because of this. As for Harry Potter, are you serious? Are you seriously comparing God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to a teenage wizard created by a british woman with nothing better to do? I also pity you for considering anyone religious, stupid, either it is you that is stupid (or just closed minded), or you believe yourself to be exceptionally intelligent, as there is a great many people in this world that believe in some sort of God or higher power, many of them, quite intelligent, i would suggest. So tell me... what evidence do you have of being so fabulously intelligent?
Kind of humorous how easily so many of you fell for the anti-Christian comments by the Scientologist shill seeking to get you off subject.
Type SE
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